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Private Tailor Made Group Tours

Private Tailor Made Group Tours

Group breakfast at a Ker & Downey Lodge in the Annapurna region

Do you prefer to travel in a group made up of just your own friends or relatives, or perhaps members of a club or organisation you belong to?

At World Discovery, our staff have more than 35 years experience of organising group travel all over the world and cater for a wide range of budgets and types of holiday.  You might, for instance, belong to a walking club, a U3A group, or a history society; you might want to organise something adventurous to raise money for a charity, or simply enjoy travelling with like-minded people.

You can use one of our sample website itineraries as a template, or we can create a tailor-made tour from scratch.  Let World Discovery do the hard work for you in creating a memorable group tour for you.

There are also significant cost advantages in travelling with a group, as the cost of guiding and transportation is divided between more passengers than when you are travelling as an individual or couple.  And what's more, we can provide a free place for the organiser if you manage to get together a group of 10 or more passengers.

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