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Botswana Safari Holidays


Botswana is Africa at its untamed best - abundant wildlife, pristine wilderness, low tourist volumes and luxury accommodation.... [more]

Ethiopia Holidays


If ever a destination fitted World Discovery's aim of bringing you 'History, Culture, Wildlife' then it's... [more]

Kenya Safari Holidays


'Safari' is the Swahili word for journey, and it was in Kenya that the very concept of safari began. A Kenya safari... [more]

Namibia Safari Holidays


Namibia is a land of contrasting landscapes - from the rainless desert of the famous 'Skeleton Coast' to the game-rich... [more]

South Africa Holidays

South Africa

'A World in One Country', 'The Rainbow Nation' - call it what you will, the Republic of South Africa is... [more]

Tanzania Safari Holidays

Tanzania & Zanzibar

World Discovery's safari holidays to Tanzania offer you the chance to see the real Africa, uncovering the majesty and... [more]

Zambia Safari Holidays


Zambia celebrated its half century as an independent country in October 2014. Still less visited than its southern African... [more]


Bhutan Holidays


The Kingdom of Bhutan nestles in the high Himalaya between India and China. Closed to the outside world for centuries, this... [more]

Canada & Alaska

Alaska: Stunning Natural Scenery


Alaska is a pristine area of massive glaciers, towering snowclad peaks and dramatic fjords - a natural masterpiece of water... [more]

Arctic Canada Holidays: Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut


World Discovery Arctic Canada holidays will introduce you to the primordial beauty of a vast wilderness region that encompasses... [more]

Canada Holidays


World Discovery Canada holidays offer you the opportunity to explore the world's second largest country so it's... [more]

Western Canada Holidays: British Columbia and Alberta


World Discovery Western Canada holidays will introduce you to the glorious landscapes of British Columbia and Alberta. ... [more]

Québec - less than 7 hours away


World Discovery Québec holidays take you to the biggest French-speaking territory in the world, an exciting region... [more]

Polar Bear Holidays


World Discovery Polar Bear Holidays give you the opportunity of seeing one of the world's most wonderful natural phenomena... [more]

Newfoundland Holidays


World Discovery Newfoundland holidays will introduce you to "the place where the New World begins". Newfoundland's... [more]

Central Asia

Iran Tours: The Glory of Persia


In the 5th and 6th centuries B.C. the Persian Empire under such great and charismatic rulers as Cyrus, Darius I and Xerxes... [more]

Uzbekistan Holidays


Positioned strategically on the ancient Silk Road between Europe and Asia, Uzbekistan's major cities of Khiva, Bukhara... [more]

Egypt & Jordan

Egypt Holidays


Discover the enduring legacy of the Pharaohs on a World Discovery Egypt holiday. Egypt's rich heritage - the majestic... [more]

Jordan - History in the Desert


The Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most diverse countries in the Middle East and World Discovery's Jordan holidays... [more]

Far East

Burma Holidays

Burma (Myanmar)

World Discovery Burma holidays will give you an insight into one of the most fascinating destinations in the world, a... [more]

Cambodia Holidays


World Discovery Cambodia holidays will give you an insight into the fascinating Kingdom of Cambodia, a small nation of just... [more]

Laos: Asia's Forgotten Gem


In French colonial times Laos was considered the earthly paradise of South-east Asia, a vast landlocked Tahiti just awaiting... [more]

Thailand Holidays


Welcome to Thailand, the 'Land of Smiles'. The former kingdom of Siam is famous for its legendary hospitality and... [more]

Vietnam Holidays


World Discovery Vietnam holidays will introduce you to a gentle land of hauntingly beautiful mountain and river scenery,... [more]

Georgia & Armenia

Armenia Holidays


World Discovery Armenia holidays will introduce you to the world's first Christian nation (officially recorded as... [more]

Georgia Holidays


World Discovery Georgia holidays will take you to one of the world's earliest Christian nations (4th century AD), a... [more]

India & Nepal

India Holidays


India holidays with World Discovery transport you to an exotic land of vibrant colours and incredible contrasts offering... [more]

Kerala and South India Holidays

Kerala & South India

The tropical backwaters, uncrowded sandy beaches and the forested mountain slopes of the Western Ghats, home to to tea,... [more]

Nepal Holidays


World Discovery Nepal holidays will introduce you to one of the most spectacular countries in the world. Nepal can lay... [more]

North East India

North East India

This selection of India holidays with World Discovery concentrates on the lesser known region of India that encompasses... [more]

Latin America

Argentina Holidays


Argentina is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, encompassing snow-capped Andean peaks and tropical forests,... [more]

Bolivia Holidays


Landlocked Bolivia is relatively little touched by the modern world, a land of ancient traditions and quaint vestiges of... [more]

Chile Holidays


With a Pacific coastline of some 4,300 kilometres, stretching from the arid wilderness of the Atacama Desert to the glaciers... [more]

Costa Rica Holidays

Costa Rica

Located between the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica is a naturalist's dream, boasting a greater biodiversity then... [more]

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador & Galapagos

At World Discovery we offer bespoke itineraries that include our planet’s most incredible locations. Ecuador boasts... [more]

Guyana Holidays


Guyana is truly one of the last frontiers of South America. English-speaking and culturally Caribbean, Guyana boasts great... [more]

Peru: Land of Hidden Treasures


The majestic scenery of the Andes, the vibrant Indian markets and festivals, the Spanish colonial architecture and the monumental... [more]


Morocco Holidays


Morocco lies a mere ten miles from the southern tip of Europe, yet in the crowded lively streets of its towns and cities... [more]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka

At World Discovery we create bespoke itineraries to some of the world’s most incredible destinations, and our tailor... [more]