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Bhutan Holidays

Bhutan Holidays

Bhutan Holidays - Tiger's Nest Monastery

 Bhutan Holidays - National FlagThe Kingdom of Bhutan nestles in the high Himalaya between India and China. Closed to the outside world for centuries, this remote land is now welcoming foreign visitors to experience the natural beauty of its landscapes and the harmony of its traditional way of life. With World Discovery Bhutan holidays you will get to explore a unique destination which has come to be known as the 'Last Shangri-La'. 

Personal View

Roy Davies, Founder of World Discovery

In my travels through the years there have been few destinations that have had the impact that Bhutan exerted on me on my first visit in the 1990s. Try and imagine a country where the capital city doesn't have a single set of traffic lights, where until a few years ago there were no televisions and where the main east-west highway is in places no wider than a Devon country road. The landscape is awesome, the architecture impressive and the people as friendly as you will find anywhere. My advice is to visit this charming kingdom as soon as possible to experience at first hand a unique way of life that has endured for centuries, but which is now, inevitably, about to change.

Our Bhutan holidays will reveal to you a land where Buddhism has been the predominant religion since the 7th century, informing all aspects of Bhutanese life, from respect for the environment to the daily rituals of contemplation and meditation. The pervasive cultural heritage is seen in the traditional woven garments still proudly worn today by all Bhutanese and in the many religious festivals with their colourful mask dances.

Below you'll find a selection of sample Bhutan holidays with World Discovery. They can all be tailored to suit your exact preferences.






Sample Bhutan Holidays

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