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Latin America Tours

Argentina Holidays


Argentina is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, encompassing snow-capped Andean peaks and tropical forests, thundering waterfalls, picture-perfect turquoise lakes and spectacular glaciers,... [more]

Costa Rica Holidays

Costa Rica

The small Central American country of Costa Rica, located between the Pacific and the Caribbean, is a naturalist's dream, boasting a greater biodiversity then the USA and Europe combined. With thousands... [more]

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador & Galapagos

At World Discovery we offer bespoke itineraries that include our planet’s most incredible locations. Ecuador boasts a pleasant climate and four distinct geographical regions that offer a diverse... [more]

Guyana Holidays


Guyana is truly one of the last frontiers of South America. English-speaking and culturally Caribbean, Guyana boasts great rum, great cricket and great music as well as being a land of cowboys, waterfalls,... [more]

Peru Holidays


The majestic scenery of the Andes, the vibrant Indian markets and festivals, the Spanish colonial architecture and the monumental legacy of the Incas make Peru one of the world's premier travel... [more]

Venezuela Holidays


World Discovery Venezuela Holidays will intoduce you the surprising variety of landscapes, wildlife and peoples of one of South America's least visited destinations.Venezuela has so much to offer... [more]

Sample Latin America Holidays

Journey to Kuélap - Private Journey off the beaten track in Northern Peru - 8 days from £1749 [more]

Treasures of the North - Private Journey - 4 days from £539 [more]

Trek to Machu Picchu - Walk the Inca trails to Machu Picchu staying in excellent lodges. 13 days from £2760 [more]

Spirit of the Andes - 8 days from £996 with a journey on the famous 'Devil's Nose' Railway [more]

Peru Wildlife - Private Journey including a stay in the Amazon Rainforest - 12 days from £2290 [more]

Galápagos - Eric, Letty and Flamingo - 12 days £3690 including a 7 night Galápagos cruise a 20-passenger yacht [more]

Birds of Costa Rica - Private Journey - 10 days from £1780 [more]

Classic Peru - Private Journey - 15 days from £2180 [more]