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Iran Tours: The Glory of Persia

Iran Tours: The Glory of Persia

Iran Tours - Homa bird statue at Persepolis

 In the 5th and 6th centuries B.C. the Persian Empire under such great and charismatic rulers as Cyrus, Darius I and Xerxes bestrode the ancient world from their lavish capitals of Susa and Persepolis - the most splendid cities of the age built with "gold from Sardis...lapis lazuli and carnelian from Sogdiana...silver and ebony from India...ivory from Ethiopia".

Another very different type of golden age was enjoyed by Persia in more recent times, a period best illustrated by the fabulous turquoise domes of Isfahan and the magnificent architectural gems of the Safavid dynasty which reached its zenith in the reign of the 'Great Sophy' Shah Abbas in the early 17th century.

World Discovery Iran tours will give you an insight into this fascinating destination.  Don't be put off by the press coverage; travellers to Iran are virtually unanimous in their praise, not only of the historical and architectural marvels they discover, but of the warm and friendly welcome they receive from the Iranian people themselves.

A Note about Prices

Most tours to Iran offered by UK Tour Operators are based on group travel.  At World Discovery we offer you private journeys, with your own transportation and guide, giving you greater flexibility with the order and timing of your sightseeing schedule, as well as a choice of itinerary.  Naturally, as you have the transport and guide to yourself, the cost of your tour is much higher.  Our prices are based on 2 passengers.  If you are a party of 3, 4 or more, please ask us for a quotation as the price can come down considerably.

Below you'll find a selection of sample Iran tours with World Discovery.

Sample Iran Holidays

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