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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Arctic Canada Holidays - Arctic Watch Lodge

Personal View

John and Vicki

Vicki and I want to thank you for the tremendous time we had at Arctic Watch.  It was the experience of a lifetime to visit Cunningham Inlet and your amazing creation. I was particularly glad that I had the opportunity to overnight in Resolute Bay with Ozzie. That gave me a greater appreciation of Arctic Watch and what you put together every day against amazing odds.  We will treasure forever the memories of Beluga Whales, muskox, arctic foxes and arctic hares- even the one lemming I saw! Jeff’s meals were amazing, especially the Sushi he was able to squeeze out of Tessum’s Arctic char catch!! In a word we had a great time! We are proud to have spent time with the Weber/Auclair group who made the trip so special.

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, constructed and first opened in 1992, is the most northerly remote lodge in the world.  Modern and comfortable, the main complex houses a dining room (pictured below), kitchen, lounge, library, an “arctic interpretive and museum centre”, guest shop, shower facilities and an activities/gear room.



The kitchen, home to the wonderful staff, conjures exquisite dishes; including local food such as musk ox tenderloin; fresh European-style bread is baked daily.  With every successful fishing trip, a guest can enjoy freshly made sushi!  This is arguably the best food in Nunavut.

The Great Room (lounge and interpretive centre), is home to an extensive arctic library, including a small interpretive centre with regional artefacts, traditional Inuit clothing, 42 million year old wood, bones and fossils.  Detailed geological and geographical maps accompany the centre.

Arctic Watch has 16 private guest cabins, each with a marine toilet and cold water sinks; thermos bottles with hot water are offered to guests every night.  Beds have thick duvets for the cool arctic nights.  The showers are located in the main complex.

Your hosts at the Arctic Lodge are Richard Weber and Josee Auclair [more].

Pictured below: relaxing outside the lodge.