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June to October are the best months for visiting Georgia.  It can get fairly hot in Yerevan (especially in July and August when temperatures can pass 30 degrees Celsius), although the mountain areas will be relatively cooler, with Spring-like conditions for most of the time (although temperatures can drop below zero at the altitudes of more than 3,000 metres even during this period). 


The summer in Bhutan lasts from June to August.  This more or less coincides with the rainy season, which although not as severe in the highlands (where you are more likely to visit) as in the tropical south of the country, can lead to roads being sometimes blocked due to landslides.  August is therefore not the ideal time to visit Bhutan.  Spring (March to May) and autumn (September and November) are better. 


June, July and August are the winter months, marked by cloudless days and mild temperatures, with average temperatures ranging from 7-27 degrees Celsius. The landscapes outside the Okavango Delta begin their drying process, gradually fading from lush green to dry khaki colours. In the Delta, the floodwaters from Angola start to fill the countless lagoons and streams.  Gameviewing is at its best.

Burma (Myanmar)

We do not recommend visiting Burma from April to September, when the temperatures are very high (reaching up towards 40 degrees Celsius in April); the rainy season begins in May and lasts throughout the summer months.


A tropical country, Cambodia is warm all year round.  June to September is the rainy season, although the rain usually falls in short heavy showers in the afternoon rather than all day.  Humidity is high.  We do not recommend travelling to the northeastern Rattanakiri region during these months as the roads are often unpassable.


The months of July and August are good times to visit China, although it can get very hot during the day so sun protection is certainly necessary.  Humidiity can also be high in eastern and southern China during these months.


Egypt is at its hottest from May to August.  With the relative lack of humidity, however, and sightseeing arranged for the early morning and late afternoon, it can still be very enjoyable, especially as the sites are less crowded.  Hotel prices are lower at this time of the year.


June to September are the best months for visiting Georgia.  It can get fairly hot in Tbilisi (especially in July where temperatures can pass 30 degrees Celsius), although the mountain areas will be relatively cooler, with Spring-like conditions for most of the time (although temperatures can drop below zero at the altitudes of more than 3,000 metres even during this period).


July and August are the best months for visiting Iceland in terms of weather, but it is also the peak season and there is a lot of pressure on accommodation and facilities, and prices are naturally higher.  Days should be warm and sunny, with long hours of daylight, although there will occasionally be wet and misty days - Iceland's weather can be unpredictable.

India Holidays - The Dal Lake, KashmirIndia

North: August is the middle of the summer monsoon season in northern India.  Temperatures regularly pass 35 degrees Celsius and there are frequent downpours, so this is not the best time to visit the north.  Most people would prefer to travel at another time - best months are October to March. 
Himalayas - the monsoon also affects the hills, so not the best time to go.  Best months are April to June, September and October.  The exceptions are Kashmir and Ladakh, where July and August are good times to travel.  South: May to September is the principal rainy season in Kerala (although due to the region's tropical climate rain is a possibility at any time of the year).  Travel is not ideal in the summer months, but there are fewer crowds and prices are significantly lower.


Summer is hot in Iran, with temperatures sometimes reaching as high as 38 degrees Celsius.  The lack of humidity, however, makes the heat tolerable and many passengers choose to travel at this time of the year.  For those who prefer milder temperatures, April/May and September/October are better times for travelling in Iran.

Jordan and the Holy Land

August is a good time of the year to visit Jordan and the Holy Land.  Days should be hot and sunny, but the lack of humidity makes the heat more bearable.


Kenya straddles the Equator and is sunny and hot for most of the year.  From July to September there is little or no rain, and it is therefore one of the best times to visit Kenya. This is also the period of the great migration in the Masai Mara.


Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate, with variations because of the mountainous interior.  From May to August it is hot and humid on the coast, with little or no rain and temperatures reaching 38 Celsius (although it is much cooler at night).  In the mountains it is generally fresh and sunny during the day.


The hot summer months (June, July and August) are good for visiting the north and the mountain areas, but in the far south, particularly beyond the Atlas Mountains on the edge of the Sahara, the heat can be intense.


Namibia is located in the tropics and is an all-year-round destination which is mostly rain-free. From June to September (winter) it is pleasantly warm during the day, but noticeably cooler at night.  This is a great time for wildlife viewing in Etosha as the longer grass has been grazed, making it much easier to spot the animals on the open plains.


June to August is the period of the summer monsoon.  Although it doesn't rain all the time, visibility is poor because of the cloud cover, so there are no spectacular mountain views to be had.  On the plus side, prices are much lower than during the rest of the year, and it's one of the best times for visiting neighbouring Tibet using Kathmandu as the gateway.


On the coast it's warm and dry throughout the year (with Lima the exception, often covered by a low cloud known as the garua).  In the highlands, from May to September is the best time to visit, with relatively little rain and generally clear blue skies.  It's also the best time for the Amazon jungle, although it can rain throughout the year and is generally hot and humid.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's temperature varies little throughout the year, with maximum day-time temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, with the minimum usually above 20 degrees.  It is generally slightly cooler in the hills.  From May to August there is a summer rainy season but seldom are the rains monsoon-style for the whole day. For wildlife enthusiasts, the world-famous 'Elephant Gathering' at Minneriya Reservoir peaks during the months of August and September.


Summer is hot in Syria with temperatures in the daytime reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius.  August is therefore only for travellers who can put up with the extreme heat.


Generally speaking the highlands (where the gameviewing takes place) enjoy a temperate climate, whilst the coast is hot and humid year round.  July to October are the best months for visiting Tanzania.  There is very little rain and superb gameviewing conditions.


August is hot and humid in most of Thailand, with frequent rain.

Tibet Holidays - The Norbulinghka



August is a good time to visit Tibet, with warm daytime temperatures (around 15 degrees Celsius).  Although this is the period of the summer monsoon, with occasional rain showers, this is mild in comparison with the rest of the subcontinent.




July and August can be very hot during the day throughout Uzbekistan.  The lack of humidity, however, make the heat less uncomfortable would normally be the case.  If you prefer less extreme conditions, then May, June and September are better months to travel.


There is no ideal time to visit Vietnam as there are distinct regional variations between the Northern, Central and Southern regions.  August is one of the hottest times of the year, with rain always a possibility in the south of the country and occasionally there are typhoons in the north.


The dry season in Zambia runs from May to November.  This is the best time to visit, with mainly clear blue skies and hardly any rain.  It's naturally therefore the most popular time to visit (especially August to October) so prices are higher and accommodation should be booked well in advance.