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Jakar Dzong, Bumthang

Jakar Dzong, Bumthang

Bhutan Tours - Jakar Dzong

Constructed in 1549 by the great grandfather of the first Shabdrung*, the dzong was originally built as a monastery.  It was upgraded in 1646, after the Shabdrung had firmly established his power.  Jakar Dzong is now used as the administrative centre for the Bumthang Valley and also houses the regional monastic body.

The dzong is in a picturesque location overlooking the Chokhor Valley with wide-ranging views.

* Shabdrung was a title used when referring to or addressing great lamas in Tibet, particularly those who held a hereditary lineage. In Bhutan the title almost always refers to Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (1594–1651), the founder of the Bhutanese state.