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Temples of Bagan - Second Day

Temples of Bagan - Second Day

Burma Holidays - Thatbyinnyu Temple, Bagan

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the colourful Nyaung-U market before continuing with your exploration of Bagan's main temples.  This morning you will visit the following temples and pagodas:

Mingalazedi (below left).  Located close to the banks of the Irrawaddy, this pagoda is noted for its enormous bell-like dome and for the beautiful Jataka* tiles around each terrace.

Gubyaukyi.  One of the most popular of Bagan's sites, the 'Great Painted Cave Temple' contains some superb 12th century paintings, remarkably well-preserved and richly coloured.

Shwegugyi.  A smaller but elegant temple, its name means 'Golden Cave' and it houses some fine stucco carvings and a teak buddha.

Thatbyinnyu.  Bagan's tallest temple is a classic example of the city's middle period and was built in 1144.

Natlyaung Kyaung.  The only Hindu temple remaining in Bagan, dedicated to Vishnu.  It was badly damaged in the 1975 earthquake but is still an impressive sight.

Pahtothamya (below right).  One of the oldest of the temples, believed to have been built in the 10th century.

* 'Jataka' - Stories of the Buddha's past lives, a common theme for temple paintings and reliefs.

Burma Holidays - Bagan - Mingalazedi Pagoda Burma Holidays - Bagan - Pahtothamya Temple