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The Roluos group of temples

The Roluos group of temples

The Roluos group of temples - named after the nearby village of the same name - comprise Preah Ko (879 AD), Bakong (881 AD) and Lolei (893 AD) and are amongst the earliest monuments of the Khmer Empire.  Preah Ko (below right) was built by Indravarman I to honour the spirits of his ancestors.  Much of the temple complex is in a poor state of preservation but there are still some superb examples of geometrical carvings in the sandstone door columns.  Bakong, consecrated to the Hindi god Shiva, is memorable for its central 5-tiered pyramid of stone topped by a single sanctuary tower.  Lolei, originally built on an island in a reservoir, is worth a visit for the beautiful carvings in the temple niches (below left).