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The ruins of Ta Prohm

The ruins of Ta Prohm

Personal View

Roy Davies, Founder of World Discovery

Ta Prohm is my personal favourite.  The archaeologists have chosen to leave this site more or less as it was discovered in the 19th century, rather than tidy it up as at the other locations.  Nowhere is the power of Nature more in evidence, with gnarled tree roots wrapped around crumbling columns and carvings, and walls leaning in all directions.  You have to scramble over fallen statues and duck under dangerous-looking arches.  Despite its dilapidated appearance, however, some of the bas-reliefs are in excellent condition and the whole place has a special charm.

One of the most memorable visits you will make at Angkor is to the tangled 12th century ruins of Ta Prohm, whose ancient stones have been engulfed by roots and tree trunks, revealing the power of nature and providing an atmospheric and unforgettable spectacle.  It is one of the largest temples at Angkor and also the most photographed - its unique natural setting bringing to mind the conditions in which the early 19th century French explorers found these incredible temples.  Ta Prohm was founded as a Buddhist monastery in 1186 by Jayavarman VII.