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Cambodia Holidays Factfile

Cambodia Holidays Factfile

Cambodia Holidays with World Discovery






Capital: Phnom Penh.

Population: 14 million

Language: Khmer.  Chinese and Vietnamese are also widely spoken.

Time: GMT + 7.

International dialling code: + 855

Visas: Required by UK citizens.

Country Representative in UK: Cambodian Embassy, 64 Brondesbury Park, Willesden Green, London NW6 7AT.  Tel: 0208 451 7850. 

Voltage: 220 AC, 50 Hz.




Money: Riel (CRI).  US dollar notes are the best form of currency to take with you.




Vaccinations: There are no mandatory vaccinations required.  Recommended: BCG, Diptheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, Malaria, Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow Fever.  For up-to-date information please consult your local G.P. or visit the MASTA website

Guidebook: The Rough Guide to Cambodia

Food and Drink:  Food in Cambodia has a distinctive style, although it is clearly influenced by Chinese and, to a lesser extent, French cuisine. Freshness is of paramount importance and ingredients are bought fresh from the local market on a daily basis.  Meals will usually include rice or noodles as staples along with a vast array of vegetables, and meats like chicken, duck, beef and pork. Good quality seafood (fish, squid, prawns and crab) is widely available, and you will find that fish sauce is a condiment which accompanies almost every meal.  Soup accompanies most meals and is eaten at the same time as the main dishes. Fish is often fresh from the Tonle Sap Lake and is eaten with a spicy peanut sauce called ‘tuk trey’. Popular dishes include ‘khao phonne’, a noodle dish; ‘sam chruk, a roll of sticky rice stuffed with soya bean and chopped pork; and ‘amok’, boneless fish cooked in coconut and spices.  Tea (similar to Chinese green tea) is very popular, and is usually drunk without sugar or milk.  Coffee was introduced by the French and is readily available, although if you ask for milk outside the top hotels and restaurants this will often be sweet condensed milk. Canned soft drinks are available everywhere. International light, lager-style beers such as Tiger, Carlsberg and Fosters are commonly available, although you might like to try Angkor Beer, a good quality local brew.