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Hangzhou Sightseeing

Your sightseeing in Hangzhou begins with the Lingyin Temple (right), one of the largest Buddhist temple complexes in China, founded in the 4th century A.D.  At its zenith the Lingyin Temple was home to 3,000 monks.  Continue to the Liuhe or 'Six Harmonies' Pagoda, occupying a spectacular site overlooking the Qiantong River.  This towering structure was built during the Northern Song dynasty (386-581).  Hangzhou is renowned as a centre of tea production and the village of Longjing ('Dragon Well') is said to produce the finest variety of green tea in all China.  Visit the tea garden (below) and, depending on the time of year, see the different stages of processing.  The highlight of your visit to Hangzhou is a relaxing boat trip on the West Lake; Marco Polo was so impressed that he recorded:

"A voyage on this lake offers more refreshment and pleasure than any other experience on earth".