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Cruising on Lake Nasser

Cruising on Lake Nasser

Egypt Holidays - Sunset on Lake Nasser

A cruise on Lake Nasser differs from a Nile river cruise, as featured on other World Discovery itineraries, in several ways.  Between Aswan and Abu Simbel there are virtually no towns or villages, so that you only leave the boat when going on the included shore excursions.  There are no permanent mooring sites, so you will transfer to smaller motorboats to go ashore.  Landings are by small gangplank from the motorboats; the cruise may therefore be unsuitable for passengers who require assistance or who have difficulties with mobility.  For those in search of relaxation, a Lake Nasser cruise offers wonderful desert landscapes, with the colours changing dramatically as the day wears on; sunsets and sunrises can be spectacular.  Many of the monuments can only be visited by cruise ship as there is no access by road - and there is no doubt that arriving by water at Abu Simbel will remain in your memory for ever.

Don't forget - the visit to Abu Simbel is included in the cost of the 'Cruise on Lake Nasser' itinerary.  On all other World Discovery Egypt holidays you would have to pay £190 per person for the optional excursion from Aswan to Abu Simbel by air.  It's worth bearing this in mind when comparing prices.