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Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador and the Galápagos - Otavalo Market

 Ecuador Holidays - National Flag

At World Discovery we offer bespoke itineraries that include our planet’s most incredible locations.  Ecuador boasts a pleasant climate and four distinct geographical regions that offer a diverse range of attractions. 

  • Head east to the Amazon Rainforest to explore the mighty rivers and fantastic plant and animal life. 
  • While less visited than other regions, the Pacific Coast rewards you with amazing beaches.  You can also enjoy whale-watching between June and October. 
  • At the heart of the country lie the Andes,with snow-capped volcanoes and welcoming Indian craft markets, as well as UNESCO-listed colonial cities waiting to be explored.
  • And, last but not least, the Galápagos Islands - 'the Enchanted Isles' - are simply one of the world's top travel destinations, with a unique natural history and a wealth of fauna found nowhere else on earth.  Charles Darwin sailed here in 1835 and his observations set the stage for the development of his famed theory of evolution.

Visit some of the links below for sample Ecuador and Galápagos Islands holidays or speak to one of the World Discovery team today to discuss your own ideas.

Ecuador and the Galapagos - Land iguanaEcuador and the Galapagos - Albatrosses

Sample Ecuador & Galapagos Holidays

Galápagos - Isabela II - 9 or 11 days including a Galápagos cruise aboard the 40-passenger Isabela II [more]

Spirit of the Andes - 8 days Private Journey - Quito, Cotopaxi, Riobamba, 'Devil's Nose' Railway, Cuenca [more]