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Ethiopia Holidays

Ethiopia Holidays

Ethiopia Holidays - Dasanech girl, Omo Valley

Ethiopia Holidays - National Flag

If ever a destination fitted World Discovery's aim of bringing you 'History, Culture, Wildlife' then it's Ethiopia. 

This is a destination that confounds every expectation. Rich in history, with a wide variety of peoples and cultures, and a prolific wildlife that includes more than 800 species of bird, Ethiopia is one of Africa's most exciting and surprising places to visit.

The '8th Wonder of the World'

The rock-cut churches of Lalibela, carved from the living mountains from the 7th century onwards, are considered by many to be the '8th Wonder of the World' and are perhaps Ethiopia's 'must-see' monuments, but there is also Axum, associated with the legendary Queen of Sheba, and once centre of an Empire that stretched from the Nile across the Red Sea to modern-day Yemen.

The amazing Omo Valley

In the far south-west of the country, the Omo Valley is virtually a living museum.  Here you will find peoples and lifestyles untouched by outside influences, whose unique cultures are still intact.  This remote destination is hard to get to, but well worth the effort!  




Lalibela VIDEO (7 min 53s)


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