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Uzbekistan Holidays

Uzbekistan Holidays

Uzbekistan Holidays - The unique Chor Minar, Bukhara

Positioned strategically on the ancient Silk Road between Europe and Asia, Uzbekistan's major cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand have been prized and fought over throughout history.  World Discovery Uzbekistan holidays transport you to these magical treasurehouses of the past.

Personal View

Roy Davies, Founder of World Discovery

The old city of Bukhara is for me the highlight of a visit to Uzbekistan. Strolling through the narrow lanes seeing the local families and their smiling children playing in the soft light of the late afternoon, and then emerging into the glorious expanse of Kalyon Square with its awesome monumental's like stepping back into the middle ages.

Conquered by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC, overtaken in turn by the Arabs, Persians and Genghis Khan's Mongolian armies, it was during the reign of the great Tamerlane (14th century) that Uzbekistan enjoyed its golden age, dominated by his opulent capital Samarkand, regarded by many at the time as the "Centre of the Universe".  The magnificent monuments that remain today bear witness to this glorious era. 

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