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The Pyramid of Meidum

The Pyramid of Meidum

Egypt Holidays - The 'collapsed' pyramid of Meidum

The pyramid at Meidum is thought to have been originally built for Huni, the last pharaoh of the IIIrd Dynasty.  Due to design faults (the outer surface was founded on sand rather than rock, and the platforms were not perfectly horizontal) the pyramid collapsed before completion, probably during the reign of Sneferu.  In its ruined state, the structure is 65m high, and its entrance is aligned north-south, with the entrance in the north, 20m above the present ground level. The steep descending passage (57m long, below right) leads to a horizontal passage just below the original ground level that then leads to a vertical shaft 10m high, that leads to the corbelled burial chamber itself. The chamber is unlikely to have been used for any burial.

The famous statue of Rahotep (brother of the pharaoh Cheops) and his wife Nofret (below left) was discovered at Meidum.