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The Temple of Philae

The Temple of Philae

Egypt Holidays - Kiosk of Trajan, Philae

The superb Temple of Philae, one of Upper Egypt's most glorious ancient sites, was rescued by UNESCO from the rising waters of Lake Nasser in the 1970s and painstakingly reconstructed on its own new island to the south of Aswan.

Philae was the centre of the cult of Isis, and the magnificent Temple of Isis dominates the site.  Built by Ptolemaic and Roman rulers over a period of 800 years, the temple complex is a fusion of ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman architecture and harmonises perfectly with its island setting. The Birth House within the temple was built to reconfirm Ptolemy IV's claim to be descended from Horus and Osiris and has some excellent reliefs.

Also worth visiting on the island, outside the Temple of Isis, are the small Temple of Hathor, and the picturesque Kiosk of Trajan with its variegated floral columns.   

There is an excellent Sound and Light performance on the island each evening.

Below: Approaching the island by motor boat.

Egypt Holidays - Approaching the Temple of Philae by motor boat