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The Solar Boat Museum

The Solar Boat Museum

Egypt Holidays - Solar Boat Museum

When visiting the famous sights of Giza, an added bonus with World Discovery is the included entrance to the Solar Boat Museum. Located at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, this purpose-built building houses a 140-foot ancient Egyptian boat which was discovered in pieces on this spot as recently as 1954 and carefully reconstructed over a period of 14 years.

It is considered the world's oldest intact ship and has been described as "a masterpiece of woodcraft" that could sail today if put into water.

Although such vessels are called 'solar boats', their purpose remains uncertain; archaeologists believe that they were either built to carry the pharaoh through the underworld, or alternatively to accompany the sun-god on his daily journey across the heavens. 

Egypt Holidays - The Boat Beneath the Pyramid by Nancy Jenkins



For a detailed description of the discovery and reconstruction, as well as good coverage of the Giza complex in general, Nancy Jenkins' The Boat Beneath the Pyramid is highly recommended.