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Aswan Sightseeing

Aswan Sightseeing

The beautiful Temple of Philae


Aswan, gateway to Nubia, is situated downriver from the First Cataract on the Nile. It was here that the British built a dam between 1898 and 1902, but this was superseded by the Aswan High Dam, constructed by President Nasser in the 1960s, resulting in the creation of Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world. This half day sightseeing excursion includes a visit to the High Dam, a glimpse of the Northern Granite Quarries where a gigantic Unfinished Obelisk lies in the bedrock, and also the superb Temple of Philae, rescued from the rising waters of the lake by UNESCO and painstakingly reconstructed on its own new island. Philae was the centre of the cult of Isis, and the magnificent Temple of Isis dominates the site.

Includes transportation, guide and all entrance fees.