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Karnak and Luxor Temples

Karnak and Luxor Temples

Ram-headed Sphinxes at Karnak Temple


This excursion includes visits to the two great Pharaonic temples of Luxor's East Bank. The vast temple complex of Karnak is quite simply overwhelming, covering more than 100 acres. At its heart lies the enormous Temple of Amun with its colossal Hypostyle Hall of 137 columns and its sacred lake. The XVIIIth Dynasty Temple of Luxor, located close to the Nile in the centre of town, is built on a smaller scale, but many consider it more beautiful than Karnak. Approached through an avenue of sphinxes, the temple contains some excellent reliefs and its Colonnade of Amenophis III is renowned for the elegance of its giant papyrus columns.

Includes transportation, guide and entrance fees.

Below: the Temple of Luxor.