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Elu Inlet Lodge, Nunavut

Elu Inlet Lodge, Nunavut

Arctic Canada Holidays - The Elu Inlet Lodge

Elu Inlet is situated just south of Victoria Island in Nunavut on the northernmost edge of the North American Continent, in an area which has virtually unchanged over time.

Owned and operated by local Inuit, Elu Lodge is located on the picturesque shores of Elu Inlet, next to Mount Elu and the mouth of the Itibiak River. The region around the Lodge is a pristine, unexplored wilderness. Spot mammals including the playful arctic ground squirrel, prancing caribou as well as prehistoric-looking musk oxen. The region is rich in Inuit history and culture including archaeological sites of tent rings, fire pits and kayak stands.

Feel the sense of awe and discovery that the first European explorers felt on the 1821 Franklin Expedition in search of the Northwest Passage as you gaze over lands that are still unknown to most.

There are just three separate sleeping cabins and a main lodge.  Elu Inlet Lodge takes up to a maximum of twelve guests in clean, comfortable surroundings.

Each sleeping cabin houses four guests in two separate double rooms (pictured below). Each cabin also boasts its own bathroom, a common lounge area, thermostat controlled heat, and a screened porch.