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Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Ethiopia Holidays - The National Museum, Addis Ababa

Personal View

Roy Davies, World Discovery

Addis Ababa is the main gateway to Ethiopia, served by daily direct flights on Ethiopian Airlines from London Heathrow.  Many people find the city daunting, with its numerous beggars, cripples, ragged street children and persisitent hawkers, and are happy to set off for another destination in Ethiopia as quickly as posssible.  Whilst we fully understand this feeling we would still recommend staying for a night on arrival.  The city has a lovely Spring-like climate for most of the year and it also has the best accommodation in the country, so it offers a good relaxing base after the long overnight flight from the UK.  For those who are happy to venture forth into the city in the afternoon, we can organise some of the sightseeing as described on this page.  

Ethiopia's capital city is a sprawling metropolis with a population of over 3,000,000.  Like most capitals it's not representative of what you will discover in other parts of this diverse and fascinating country. Founded by the Emperor Menelik II in the late 19th century, Addis Ababa (or 'New Flower') sits as 2,400m/7,875ft in the central highlands.  For visitors the top attraction is the highly-regarded National Museum of Ethiopia, whose exhibits include the 3.3 million-year-old bones of 'Lucy', the partial skeleton of a child which forced a rethink of human genealogy when it was discovered in 1974.  The museum also houses a wide array of artifacts from the pre-Aksumite, Aksumite, Solomonic and Gondar periods.  Also worth seeing are the interesting Ethnographic Museum, the Merkato (the largest market in Africa), St. George’s Cathedral (1896), and the more modern Holy Trinity Cathedral, renowned for its stunning stain-glassed windows.

We don't include any sightseeing in Addis Ababa on our sample itineraries but are more than happy to include some of the above attractions if you wish.  Please advise us at the time of booking.