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Bale Mountains National Park

Bale Mountains National Park

Ethiopia Holidays - Black and White Colobus Monkey

Bale Mountains National Park is Ethiopia’s premier wildlife destination.  Over 60 mammal species and 260 bird species have been recorded here. 

On your journey into the park, keep an eye out for Blue-winged Geese (below), Rouget's Rails and Abyssinian Longclaws, just a few of the long list of Ethiopian endemic birds to be found in the area.   You should encounter the first of many mammals including the endemic Mountain Nyala (a magnificent antelope unique to these hills); look for a few more of the endemic birds such as Abyssinian Long-eared owl, White-backed black Tit, Abyssinian catbird, Black-winged Lovebird, Golden-backed woodpecker and, if very fortunate, maybe even Black-headed Siskin. 

The high altitude Sanetti Plateau within the park offers the best chance of seeing the endemic Ethiopian Wolf, the Giant Molerat, and much more.  Walk about the plateau enjoying the awe-inspiring landscape.  The road is lined with the orange-blossomed Lenontis and in the wet season the ‘red hot poker’ (knip hofia) is blooming beneath the trees and attracting the brilliant iridescent Tacazza and Malachite sunbirds.  In this area Wintering spotted, Imperial and other Aquila eagles are amongst the birds of prey that you may see, and almost all Ethiopians vulture species regularly occur.  The other area normally visited is the spectacular Harenna Escarpment for some remarkable views and a prolific birdlife.

Your stay in this wonderful park is at a small modern British-run eco-lodge opened in 2014.

Ethiopia Holidays - Bale Mountains National Park - Blue-winged geese