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We do not recommend any extensive journeys in Armenia during the winter months due to the adverse weather conditions, especially in the higher altitude regions.  A visit to the capital Yerevan and some nearby sights could be arranged, however; temperatures in Yerevan are fairly similar to those in the UK during this time.


From December to January is wintertime in Bhutan.  The days are pleasant but it can get very cold at night.  The higher passes can occasionally be blocked by snow.  Even in the tropical south of the country it is chilly in the mornings and evenings.


January and February (summer in Botswana) are the months of high temperatures and heavy rain.  These months still afford visitors good game viewing and you may be lucky to witness the miracle that the rains bring, transforming the dry land to a vibrant abundance of lush greenery.  Please ask us for prices if you wish to travel during this period.

Burma (Myanmar)

The best time to visit Burma is from October to March, when there is little or no rain and the temperatures are relatively cooler, although day time temperatures can still reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius in March as the hot season approaches.


A tropical country, Cambodia is warm all year round.  The coolest period, and therefore the busiest months for tourism, is from November to February, but temperatures in the plains can stll reach 30 degrees Celsius.  The northeastern Rattanakiri region, due to its altitude, is usually a few degrees cooler.


Whilst we are pleased to organise your China holiday during the winter months it should be pointed out that weather conditions can be severe, with very cold temperatures and the likelihood of snow.  On the other hand, there are occasionally days of clear skies and sunshine, and the tourist attractions are far less crowded.

Egypt Holidays - Pyramids and Sphinx





February is one of the best times to visit Egypt.  It should be hot and sunny throughout the country.




We do not recommend any extensive journeys in Georgia during the winter months due to the adverse weather conditions, especially in the higher altitude regions.  A visit to the capital Tbilisi and some nearby sights could be arranged, however; temperatures in Tbilisi are fairly similar to those in the UK during this time.


Winter in Iceland is very cold, with heavy snowfalls and limited daylight.  Outside Reykjavík most of the hotels and guesthouses are closed.  In the capital itself, however, there are less crowds, prices are lower and the local excursions to places like Gullfoss, Geysir and the Blue Lagoon operate on a daily basis.  There is also the chance of witnessing the amazing Northern Lights at this time of the year.


North: February is a good time to visit northern India, with clear skies and little rain, although you should be aware that temperatures can be cool in the early morning and late afternoon. 
Himalayas - we do not recommend visiting the hill areas in February as conditions are wintry and cold.
South: February is an excellent time to visit the south.  Hot days, little rain and good visibility. 


The winter months can be cold in Iran, with occasional rain.  We do not recommend travel to Iran in February.

Jordan and the Holy Land

If you are looking for a time of year when the historic sites are quiet, then February is ideal.  It can be pretty cold, however, particularly in Amman, Jerusalem and Petra (less so at the Dead Sea and Aqaba) and even snow is not unknown at this time of the year.


Kenya straddles the Equator and is sunny and hot for most of the year.  January, February and March are the hottest and driest months of the year, and also the busiest as far as tourism is concerned. 


Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate, with variations because of the mountainous interior.  In February it is pleasant and cool on the coast, with occasional rain.  In the mountains it is generally colder, with snow on the higher peaks. 

 Morocco Holidays - Sahara Desert



The winter months (November to March) are generally cool, especially in the northern part of the country, and in the mountains, where snow is always a possibility.  The south of the country, particularly beyond the Atlas Mountains, enjoy warmer weather.  Marrakech is popular even in these winter months for a short break from the UK weather. 



Namibia is located in the tropics and is an all-year-round destination which is mostly rain-free.  From January to March, there are occasional showers but these don't usually last long.  It is generally hot during the day, but noticeably cooler at night.  For birders, these months see the arrival of migrating birds from Europe and elsewhere; the Caprivi Strip in particular is a fantastic area to visit during these months.


February to May are excellent months to visit Nepal.  This is the end of the dry season and days should be sunny, dry and warm with good visibility.


On the coast it's warm and dry throughout the year (with Lima the exception, often covered by a low cloud known as the garua).  In the highlands, February falls in the main rainy season.  It's also the rainy season in the Amazon jungle, with very heavy downfalls.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's temperature varies little throughout the year, with maximum day-time temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, with the minimum usually above 20 degrees.  It is generally slightly cooler in the hills.  The winter rainy season is over by February and it should dry and sunny.


The winter months can be cold in Syria.  There are occasionally bright and sunny days, and the visitor sites are at their quietest, but be prepared for rain from time to time.

Tanzania Safari Holidays - Masai warriors 



Generally speaking the highlands (where the gameviewing takes place) enjoy a temperate climate, whilst the coast is hot and humid year round.  February is a dry period and one of the best times to visit.




February is one of the best times to visit Thailand.  This is the "cool" season, although it's all relative, with temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius or above.


We do not recommend travelling to Tibet at this time of the year.  Best months are May to September.


The winter in Uzbekistan is severe.  We do not recommend you travel at this time.


There is no ideal time to visit Vietnam as there are distinct regional variations between the Northern, Central and Southern regions.  In February it can be cool in the north, rainy in and around Hue and Hoi An, and warm and dry in Saigon and the Mekong Delta.


The wet season in Zambia runs from December to April.  Many of the lodges close down during this period and it's certainly not the time to do a walking or even 4x4 safari.  It is, however, a very good time for bird enthusiasts and wildlife photographers, and prices are much lower at the lodges that remain open. The downpours tend to be short and heavy, and usually restricted to the late afternoon, so birdwatching (mainly by boat) is planned around these fairly predictable weather patterns.