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Glenburn Tea Estate near Darjeeling

Glenburn Tea Estate near Darjeeling

View from the terrace of Water Lily bungalow

Personal View

Conde Nast Traveller magazine

Visiting Glenburn is like arriving in a little corner of heaven - and almost as remote.

Started by a Scottish tea company in 1860, Glenburn has now passed into the hands of one of India’s pioneering tea planting families – The Prakashes - who have over the years come to be known as the “Chaiwala family” – which literally means “tea planters”.

The story of the Chaiwala family began over a hundred years ago, and is closely entwined with that of tea plantations in India.  Today, the third and fourth generation Prakash family, carry almost a century of tea knowledge in their inheritance, and invite you to visit Glenburn.

Glenburn – a name that literally describes what this 1,600 acre estate is – a river valley.  With breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga Mountain Range, Glenburn stretches from an elevation of 1127m/3,700ft, all the way down to the sandy banks of the two snow-fed Himalayan rivers that meander through it – The Rungeet and The Rung Dung.

Apart from the sprawling tea fields, Glenburn has forests that are a birdwatcher's paradise.  You can camp out, river raft, hike through the forest, explore the estate in a four-wheel drive vehicle, or simply take in the sun!

And to complete your Glenburn Experience, learn about the fascinating process of tea making.  From bush to factory - and into your tea cup at a tasting session, discover what goes into making a fine Darjeeling tea.

The rooms are all different but all enjoy modern amenities including a private bathroom.  Pictured below is the Rose Suite.  Relaxing at main house, the Burra Bungalow, and enjoying the breathtaking scenery and serenity that Glenburn is so famous for, has given inspiration to artists, writers and photographers.  The diverse landscape, birds, butterflies and local populace provide many a subject to paint and write about.  Glenburn is also an ideal getaway for anyone seeking refuge from their busy city lives, the stillness and quiet providing the perfect ambiance for yoga and meditation.

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