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Guyana - A word about costs

Guyana - A word about costs

Guyana Holidays - The stunning Kaieteur Falls

Yes, tours to the this part of the world can easily cost £200+ per person per day.

No doubt you have questions about the relatively high cost to travel to this corner of South America.

We are well aware what £200 per person per day buys elsewhere.

The simple truth is that the low volume of tourism to Guyana makes it nearly impossible to develop economies of scale in the tourism sector.  Extremely high transportation costs – driven by fuel and vehicle scarcity plus high maintenance costs – coupled with the remote nature of natural attractions, further complicate the matter.  The nascent nature of Guyana’s tourism sector also serves to limit supplier competition that helps drive down costs in seemingly comparable tropical rainforest destinations.  And, a variety of entrenched economic and political issues have stymied years of efforts to develop nuts-and-bolts solutions to these issues.

Costa Rica, for example, sees about as many tourists on a busy weekend as Guyana receives all year long. This is a rare – and rarely-visited – destination.  For the extra expense to visit a place like Guyana, guests are rewarded with something particularly difficult to find these days… an untrammelled place free of crowds, touts, tacky gift shops, and jaded indigenous populations.

No, Guyana is not the least expensive rainforest destination, and it’s not trying to be.  We think that’s a good thing.  It’s not made for mass-market appeal.  It’s a place that will have value to travellers with means who are eager to see a corner of the planet that remains pristine, remote, unpopulated, and uncorrupted by the ubiquitous forces of commercialisation.