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The Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa

Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa


Afternoon sightseeing in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Begin with a walk to the Pool of Bethesda in the grounds of the Crusader Church of St. Anne, a superb example of Romanesque architecture.  Then follow the Via Dolorosa, which traverses the city from west to east; this street is revered by Christian pilgrims as the route taken by Christ as he was led to his Crucifixion and is marked by 14 'Stations of the Cross', linked with events that occurred on Christ's last walk. The route culminates in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (below), the most important church in Christendom; at the heart of this ancient church is the Tomb of Christ. The church was begun in the 4th century by the Roman Emperor Constantine around what is believed to be the site of the Crucifixion, burial and Resurrection of Christ.

Includes private transportation, guide and entrance fees.