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Chambal Safari Lodge

Chambal Safari Lodge

India Holidays - The delightful Chambal Safari Lodge

Personal View

Roy Davies, Founder of World Discovery

Ram Pratap Singh and his wife Anu gave up the security of their professional careers to restore this ancient family property which had fallen into disrepair and opened the Chambal Safari Lodge to guests in 2001.  They have created a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment in an eco-friendly, self-sustaining manner.  This is one of my favourite lodges in India.  It's a great experience at the end of the day to sit around the roaring campfire with a drink before heading into the dining room for a delicious home-cooked dinner.

The sprawling grounds of the Chambal Safari Lodge are home to numerous birds and small mammals.  Evening Nature Walks around the Lodge, with the resident Naturalist, are the best time to go looking for Palm Civet Cats, Jungle Cats, Foxes, Jungle Hares, Fruit Bats, Hedgehogs and the Indian Striped Hyenas. With a checklist of over 180 birds, birding in the lodge grounds starts with the 'wake-up call' of the barbets and babblers, and continues through the day with the birdsong of hornbills, koels and tree-pies, and well into the evening with the foraging fruits bats and hooting owls.

The Chambal Safari Lodge combines the natural warmth of a local home with the comfort of modern amenities.  There are just 13 rooms and cottages, which are best described on the lodge's own excellent website:  Great care has been taken to create environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing accommodation that is also authentic to the area.  The furniture and fittings have been procured locally as far as possible.  There is hot and cold running water in each room.  Showers are available in the bathrooms although the lodge owners encourage you to use bucket baths if possible to conserve water, which is sourced at present from deep bore wells. Electricity in this remote lodge can be erratic, so torches, candles and solar lamps are provided in all the rooms. There is a power strip with a number of 5 Amp/220V plug points available in the rooms for charging laptops, camera batteries etc.

The Lodge kitchens serve authentic 'home cooked' meals with fresh organically grown ingredients. Most of the produce is from the owners' own farm or is procured directly from the local farmers.  Recipes include local specialities that have been fine-tuned over generations.  Lunch (weather-permitting) is taken outdoors.  Other meals are taken in the dining room in the restored stable block.

Below (from top): Interior of Standard Cottage; sitting out area, Shisham Serai cottages; Interior of a Mela Kothi suite.

India Holidays - Chambal Safari Lodge - Interior of standard cottage

India Holidays - Chambal Safari Lodge - Shisham Serai cottages

India Holidays - Chambal Safari Lodge - Mela Kothi Suite