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Deeg Palace

Deeg Palace

India Holidays - Gopal Bhawan, Deeg Palace

This little-visited palace 30 kilometres to the north of Bharatpur was an 18th century stronghold of the Jat rulers.  The extensive complex comprises a large number of finely carved buildings scattered around extensive fountain-filled gardens (though sadly the water is rarely seen these days except during local festivals).  The largest building or bhawan is the Gopal Bhawan, which served as the summer residence of the ruler.  Perhaps the most interesting construction is the elegant Kesav Bhawan or 'Monsoon Palace' (below right), an open-sided pavilion surrounded by water channels dotted with hundreds of tiny fountains; in the hottest months of the dry season this unusual structure was designed to simulate a shower of monsoon rain in the form of a 'curtain' of water on all four sides of the pavilion, accompanied by the artificially-produced noise of thunder.