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India Holidays - The vast Meherangah Fort dominates Jodhpur

Your Jodhpur sightseeing begins with a visit to the monumental Meherangah Fort which towers above the city. This imposing construction was begun in 1459, but most of what can be seen today dates from the 17th century. Part of the fort has been turned into a museum which contains a superb collection of the Maharajah's memorabilia. The view from the ramparts over the city of Jodhpur is breathtaking, and you will notice the predominance of blue-coloured houses (below left). Contrary to what many people believe, these are not 'Brahmin' houses, but simply reflect the colour of the most effective treatment against white ants! You will also visit the impressive 19th century white marble memorial to Jaswant Thanda II (below right), surrounded by the cenotaphs of the rulers of Jodhpur who succeeded him.