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Kanchipuram, Mamallapuram

Kanchipuram, Mamallapuram

India Holidays - The Shore Temple at Mamallapuram

A full day excursion to two of the most important religious sites of Southern India. You will start with a drive to Kanchipuram, one of the seven sacred cities of Hindusm, built in the 2nd century and often referred to as "The Golden City of a Thousand Temples". Particularly impressive is the towering Ekamareshvara Temple dedicated to Shiva (pictured below). Drive to the coast for lunch before visiting the wonders of Mamallapuram, famed for its sculptured rock art including the breathtaking 'Descent of the Ganga' incorporating life-size figures of animals, gods and saints observing the sacred river's descent from the Himalaya. For many, the highlight of Mamallapuram is the elegant Shore Temple, best viewed in the soft light of the late afternoon.