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The Ark, Aberdare Mountains

The Ark, Aberdare Mountains

Kenya Safaris - Close-up viewing at The Ark

The Ark is a 'tree hotel' located in the heart of Aberdare National Park and is uniquely shaped to resemble the Biblical Ark, with decks, balconies and lounges which provide superb vantage points for viewing the animals visiting the salt lick and waterhole below.  It is reached by a 40 minute road journey from the Aberdare Country Club (where your main luggage is stored as guests at The Ark are only allowed a small overnight case).

The Ark has 60 'cabin-style' rooms, comprising of 6 singles, 37 twins, 10 doubles and 7 triple-bed cabins.  All rooms have private bathrooms with shower; they are comfortably furnished and enjoy a view of the forest waterhole.  All rooms are fitted with a buzzer to announce the arrival of one of the 'Big Five' at the waterhole.

Dinner and breakfast are served in the main dining room.  Located on one of the viewing decks is a lounge and a bar, which remains open all night for tea and coffee.

The Ark has four gameviewing areas from which to observe the ever-present wildlife. There is a ground level hide where you'll literally come face to face with animals.