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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp

Nepal Holidays - Boat trip at Koshi Tappu

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp was established in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in 1993. This is not a luxury camp, but serves the interests of bird watchers from around the world, and is staffed with bird specialists renowned in the country (see below).

The camp consists of 12 large safari tents with twin beds and a simple modern toilet amenity including hot and cold shower facilities. The restaurant, with a fully stocked bar, is located centrally in the thatched house or 'Gol Ghar' which serves Nepali and International cuisine.


The camp's two main guides are:

Nepal Holidays - Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp - Shankar Tiwari
Shankar Tiwari

Shankar (pictured left) was born in the Chitwan region and was educated at a local school and college, where he specialised in science. He started his wildlife career as a full-time naturalist in the Royal Chitwan National Park. Over the 10 years he worked there, he accumulated an invaluable knowledge of the region's flora and fauna.  His great enthusiasm, cheerful and friendly disposition, together with an exceptional fluency in English have made him one of the country's most popular guides


Ramesh Karki

Ramesh was born at Morang, on the edge of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Ramesh received no formal education, and the degree to which he is self-taught is remarkable. His complete fluency in spoken English, and great knowledge of the birds and mammals of Nepal, derive from sheer hard work during his ten years at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve where he ultimately became a senior naturalist. He has an inborn skill to spot birds and identify them which he has sharpened over the years. No ornithologist knows Nepal's bird life better than Ramesh; no one else has seen as many species there.