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Should you visit Burma?

Should you visit Burma?

Burma Tours with World Discovery

There are conflicting and well-documented views on whether or not British tour operators should promote tourism to Burma (Myanmar)*.  World Discovery is a non-political organisation, and we believe that there is as much potential harm inflicted by isolating the country as by allegedly supporting the regime by sending tourists.  We use a privately-owned Burmese ground agent for all our services in Burma, and use only non-government hotels.  Tourism brings essential employment to the local communities within Burma and we believe this important point should not be overlooked.

Inevitably some of the money you pay will go the government of Burma (in the form of hotel taxes, entrance fees to sites, the cost of your visa) but the majority will help support private individuals and companies.  

For many years Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi discouraged tourism to her country but she has now revised her advice and encourages "ethical, individual tourism to help spread economic wealth to Burma, particularly to those outside of or not associated with the former military regime".

* 'Myanmar' is the name given to the country by the military government.  A number of countries' governments, including that of the United Kingdom, do not recognise this name and still refer to the country as Burma.