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Nepal Holidays - Potters' Square, Bhaktapur

For those with an interest in history and architecture, a must-see is the glorious medieval town of Bhaktapur, virtually untouched by modernity and designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  Also known as Bhadgaon, this is the third major town in the Kathmandu Valley and is almost timeless in its atmosphere.  The town is traffic free, which adds to the sense of stepping back in time as you walk through the narrow cobblestone streets to visit its temples, courtyards and monumental squares.  Towering above the town is the 5-storeyed Nyatapola Temple (below right), the tallest temple in the valley; built in 1702, this elegant temple is one of the best examples of traditional Newari temple architecture, and its central stairway is flanked at each level by pairs of guardian figures - successively wrestlers, elephants, lions, griffins and finally goddesses.  Amongst the many highlights of this beautiful town, one that is always popular is Potters' Square (pictured), often filled with hundreds of pots drying in the sun.