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June to October are the best months for visiting Georgia.  It can get fairly hot in Yerevan (especially in July and August when temperatures can pass 30 degrees Celsius), although the mountain areas will be relatively cooler, with Spring-like conditions for most of the time (although temperatures can drop below zero at the altitudes of more than 3,000 metres even during this period). Temperatures are much lower, even in Yerevan and the lower regions, towards the end of October as winter approaches.


Autumn starts by October and lasts till the end of November.  This is the perfect time to visit Bhutan, with warm, clear and sunny days.  It can be cool in the evenings, however, due to the altitude.  The Thimphu Festival, or tshechu, is held in the early autumn and in 2014 the dates are 3 to 5 October


September and October can be compared to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, a delightful time of year to visit Botswana. October, however, can be very hot, particularly towards the end of the month. Temperatures average 15- 31 degrees Celsius and you may experience the occasional rain shower towards the end of October.  Any discomfort from the heat is offset by the excellent game viewing at this time of year due to the lack of thick vegetation and the water holes are drying up.

Burma (Myanmar)

The best time to visit Burma is from October to March, when there is little or no rain and the temperatures are relatively cooler, although day time temperatures can still reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius in March as the hot season approaches.


A tropical country, Cambodia is warm all year round.  The summer rains often continue into the first half of October but the weather than improves and the latter half of October is a good time to visit Cambodia.  Temperatures in the plains can reach 30 degrees Celsius, with the northeastern region of Rattanakiri being cooler because of its higher altitude.

China Holidays - Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an




Spring and Autumn are the best months to visit China in terms of the weather. Days should be warm and sunny with only occasional rain.  This is, however, the peak season and some of the more popular tourist sites (the Great Wall or the Terracotta Warriors, for example) can be very crowded.




October is one of the best times to visit Egypt.  It should be hot and sunny throughout the country.


October sees the onset of the winter, especially noticeable at altitude.  It will still be warm in Tbilisi, although the mountain areas will be cold, with occasional snowfalls.


The brief summer period is over and the cold weather has arrived.  Outside Reykjavík many of the hotels and guesthouses have closed for the winter.  In the capital itself, however, there are less crowds, prices are lower and the local excursions to places like Gullfoss, Geysir and the Blue Lagoon operate on a daily basis.  There is also the chance of witnessing the amazing Northern Lights at this time of the year.


North: October is one of the best times to visit northern India, with hot sunny days and no rain.  Himalayas - October is one of the best times to head for the hills and visibility is at its best following the summer monsoon.
South: October is hot (up to 40 degrees Celsius), but usually dry and clear. 


Autumn is the ideal time to visit Iran.  The really hot days of summer are over and winter has not yet begun.  Days should be warm, sunny and dry.    

Jordan and the Holy Land

October is an excellent time of the year to visit Jordan and the Holy Land.  Days should be warm, sunny and dry.


Kenya straddles the Equator and is sunny and hot for most of the year.  October and November are the months when Kenya experiences the 'Short Rains'.  These rains are sporadic and mainly light and this is still a good time to visit the country.


Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate, with variations because of the mountainous interior.  In October it is pleasant and warm on the coast, with occasional rain. In the mountains it is generally colder, but with sunny days. 


The Moroccan Autumn (September and October) is one of the best times to visit the country, with hot sunny days and little rain.  It can be cold at night in the mountains, but usually warm during the day. 


Namibia is located in the tropics and is an all-year-round destination which is mostly rain-free.  In October it is generally hot during the day, but noticeably cooler at night.  This is the best month for viewing animals in large numbers at Etosha.  With scarce supplies of water, the game is drawn to the permanent waterholes and can be easily seen.

Nepal Holidays - Fishtail Mountain




September, October and November are excellent months to visit Nepal.  This is the start of the dry season and days should be sunny and warm with excellent visibility.





On the coast it's warm and dry throughout the year (with Lima the exception, often covered by a low cloud known as the garua).  In the highlands, October and November are good times to visit, with relatively little rain.  It's also a good time for the Amazon jungle, although it can rain throughout the year and is generally hot and humid.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's temperature varies little throughout the year, with maximum day-time temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, with the minimum usually above 20 degrees.  It is generally slightly cooler in the hills.  There are occasional rains in October but it is mainly sunny and bright.


Spring and autumn in Syria offer warm, bright and sunny days and minimal rain.  October is therefore an excellent month for a visit.


Generally speaking the highlands (where the gameviewing takes place) enjoy a temperate climate, whilst the coast is hot and humid year round.  July to October are the best months for visiting Tanzania.  There is very little rain and superb gameviewing conditions.


October is at the tail end of the rainy season.  Towards the end of the month conditions improve as the cooler, drier winter season approaches.


We do not recommend travelling to Tibet at this time of the year.  Best months are May to September.


Although the extremely low temperatures of the winter have not yet arrived, it can still be cold in October, particularly in the second half of the month.  Best months to travel are May, June and September.


There is no ideal time to visit Vietnam as there are distinct regional variations between the Northern, Central and Southern regions.  October is one of the best times to go as it is one of the driest times of the year, although there can be occasional heavy rain around Hue and Hoi An, and there is the risk of typhoons in the north.


The dry season in Zambia runs from May to November.  This is the best time to visit, with mainly clear blue skies and hardly any rain.  It's naturally therefore the most popular time to visit (especially August to October) so prices are higher and accommodation should be booked well in advance.