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Colombo Guided Walking Tour

Colombo Guided Walking Tour

Sri Lanka Holidays - Colombo City Walks

This 3 hour walking tour in the company of a Colombo expert will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Colombo's amazing Fort District, which still retains a feel of the 19th century when the streets were teeming with ox carts and alive with the sounds and smells of the sea, as rubber, tea, cinnamon, treacle, rope and even peacocks were loaded aboard ships.

• Take a walking tour of the Colombo’s historic Fort district
• Learn about the city’s colonial past and pick up some photography tips
• Sample some fiery street food!
• Recap your walk over iced cold beers at the Dutch Hospital Complex

Your walk will take you away from the usual tourist spots.  See colonial Dutch mansions, explore the old Cargills building, visit the New Chinese shop, snap a picture outside the Pagoda Tea Rooms where Duran Duran filmed their iconic music video  'Hungry like the Wolf' and enjoy a cup of Ceylon Tea on the balcony of the Grand Oriental Hotel overlooking Colombo harbour.

Sri Lanka Holidays - Colombo - Colombo City Walks