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Travel Trust Association

Travel Trust Association

About the Travel Trust Association

The Travel Trust Association (TTA) was formed as organisation to provide total consumer protection at much lower costs than existing bonding arrangements. The scheme is a Trust Account backed by a fidelity insurance which covers each passenger up to £11,000 (The insurance is underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd, members of the American International Inc. Group who have assets exceeding US$100 Billion).

How does the Scheme work?

All TTA Members operate their own properly constituted Trust Accounts.
The Independent Trustee on each Trust Account is always a professional person e.g. Chartered or Certified Accountant, Solicitor, TTA Trustees (UK) Ltd.

In the event of a failure the Association steps in and works closely with the Trustee to the Trust Account.

Because of the monthly monitoring procedure on members the TTA has transaction reports giving details on all outstanding bookings including customers details, travel services booked, names of Suppliers / Principals and money paid over.

A reconciliation is done on the Trust Account and customer funds identified.

Customers and Suppliers / Principals are immediately notified of Member failure. Suppliers are paid from the Trust Account enabling the customer to have his holiday as booked. Where this is not possible the customer is refunded.

If the Trust Account is found to be deficient of funds due to fraud the fidelity insurance policy (in place with every booking) is invoked and replaces the trust funds so that suppliers are paid or customers refunded.

Failure of Tour Operator Member

The same procedure applies. Tour Operator / Suppliers are paid e.g. flight provider, hotelier, car hire etc., and the customer travels.

If the service booked is dependent on Tour Operator presence, the holiday is therefore cancelled and the customer is refunded.

If any holidaymakers are left stranded the TTA undertakes to step in and ensure repatriation where that responsibility is with the TTA Member and not already provided.


Normally the TTA would notify the customer of the Member's failure and wherever possible it is envisaged the customer would still receive his booked services even at short notice.

For further information about the Travel Trust Association, please visit their website