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Uzbekistan Holidays - The magnificent Kalyon Mosque

On a World Discovery itinerary we will always try to include two full days of sightseeing in Bukhara, the holiest of the ancient Silk Road cities with a history of more than 2,500 years. At the heart of the old city lies the Kalyon Mosque with its stunning 48m/155ft minaret. As well as exploring this and the nearby Islamic monuments, you will visit the infamous Ark, palace of the ruling emirs of Bukhara, including Emir Nusrallah who was responsible for the cruel treatment and subsequent beheading of the British envoys Stoddart and Connolly in 1842, an incident that caused international outrage. Just outside the Ark is a small park which is graced by the exquisite 10th century Ismael Samani Mausoleum with its intricately patterned brickwork (below left). The unique Chor Minar with its 4 blue-tiled towers (below right) is on your itinerary, as is the unusual early 20th century Summer Palace, some miles outside the city proper, whose eclectic and somewhat bizarre decor is not to everyone's taste. One of the joys of Bukhara is simply wandering through the old city to take in the atmosphere, stop at a cafe or browse in a handicraft shop.